• Over 1,450,000,000 Chinese people worldwide

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  • The tourism landscape is changing.

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    The number of Chinese visitors to the UK increased 30% from 2016 to 2017. Chinese are ranked 1st worldwide for overseas spend and over 50% of outbound trips classified as "Free Independent Trips" (FIT). Promoting your business and region to the Chinese could make a big difference to your bottom line. With our affordable packages, it has never been easier to start promoting your business to a Chinese audience interested in your region.

  • We believe every UK business can be connected to the Chinese consumer.

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  • Our Results in the Lake District

    Our services have helped businesses and organisations in the Lake District achieve extraordinary results at a fraction of the budget larger DMOs spend. These results ranked the Lake District ahead of Manchester, Bath and regions in terms engagement.


    Increase in Chinese visitors by member businesses

    3.07M People

    The number of Chinese consumers reached through our Lake District marketing channels in 2018


    The number of Chinese consumers who interacted with our campaign called "Unlocking the North West of England"


    Chinese fans who follow the Lake District

  • Get to know China

    Learn about some of the most influential businesses in China through our Get to Know China blog series. Each blog comes with a downloadable factsheet.

    Get To Know China
    Get To Know China
    Get To Know China